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Terms And Conditions

1. Acceptance of Terms:

By using Bright Vision Business Solution Inc.'s services, the client agrees to the following terms and conditions. It's imperative for clients to review these terms periodically.

2. Service Provision and Limitations:

  • All services provided by Bright Vision Business Solution Inc. are as described on the website and marketing materials. However, due to the complex nature of AI-driven predictions and analysis, results are not guaranteed to be error-free.

  • Bright Vision Business Solution Inc. endeavors to minimize errors in its offerings, but it does not take responsibility for any damages or incorrect end results arising from potential mistakes or inaccuracies in predictions, analyses, or other services rendered.

3. Refunds, Cancellations, and Liabilities:

• General Refunds:

    - In the event of any dissatisfaction arising from our services or any potential mistake on our part, our liability is strictly limited to refunding the amount paid by the client for the service in question.

    - This refund represents the full and final liability of Bright Vision Business Solution Inc., and upon issuance, Bright Vision Business Solution Inc. bears no further responsibility or obligation related to the service in question.

    - Bright Vision Business Solution Inc. is not responsible for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use or inability to use its services.

• First-time Purchases:

    - For first-time purchases with Bright Vision Business Solution Inc. clients have a 30-day option to cancel the service and request a full refund. This is only applicable once per account and only for first-time purchases

• Subscription Renewals:

    - For ongoing monthly subscription packages, clients must cancel before the next subscription renewal date to avoid charges for the upcoming month. No refunds will be issued for cancellations made after the renewal date.


4. Data Privacy and Protection:

  • Bright Vision Business Solution Inc. places the utmost importance on the protection and security of client data. All client data uploaded is stored securely and will not be shared with third parties without explicit consent.

  • While we employ state-of-the-art security measures, in the unlikely event of a data breach or unauthorized access, Bright Vision Business Solution Inc. will promptly notify affected clients. However, Bright Vision Business Solution Inc. will not be held responsible for any damages, losses, or repercussions arising from such events.



5. Intellectual Property:

All proprietary algorithms, methodologies, and visual representations developed by Bright Vision Business Solution Inc, remain its exclusive property and are protected under relevant intellectual property laws.

6. Third-Party Integrations:

  • While Bright Vision Business Solution Inc. facilitates integration with third-party platforms, it bears no responsibility for disruptions, data loss, or other issues arising from the use or malfunction of these third-party platforms.

7. Termination:

Bright Vision Business Solution Inc. reserves the right to terminate services if a client breaches any of these terms and conditions.

8. Amendments:

  • Bright Vision Business Solution Inc. May periodically update these terms and conditions. Significant changes will be communicated to clients, and continued use of services indicates acceptance of revised terms.

9. Governing Law:

The terms and conditions herein are governed by the laws of Ontario Canada, and any disputes will be adjudicated in the courts of Ontario Canada.

10. Contact:

For concerns, clarifications, or grievances, clients can contact Bright Vision Business Solution Inc. at the provided contact details.

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